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HG LIFE coaches individuals to design and live an inspired life. By developing Personal Integrity® and aligning your heart, mind, and actions with your dreams, we deal head on with your current challenges in the most critical areas of your life, such as health, love, family, career, and money. Our private and group programs provide the tools and support needed to awaken your dreams and cause lasting change.
HANDEL GROUP® is a renowned corporate consulting and life coaching company dedicated to teaching people how to realize their personal and professional visions. Our straightforward and innovative method has changed the lives of thousands of private and corporate clients and has been taught in over 50 educational programs and institutes of learning, including MIT and Stanford Graduate School of Business.
THE HANDEL METHOD® takes a revolutionary approach to life. Through this innovative coaching process, you will come to know and love yourself, resolve your personal history, and manage your mind. You will develop Personal Integrity® and align your heart, mind, and actions with your dreams. You will see and understand yourself from a different perspective and experience your life with newfound compassion, humor, and honesty.

HG Life Coaches

Coach In Training Program

Our life coach training program is a 18-24 month rigorous curriculum designed to ensure mastery of The Handel Method®, a step by step, proven coaching process that addresses one’s entire life. As a coach-in-training, you will learn to apply The Handel Method to each area of your life, develop Personal Integrity and design and live an inspired life. You will not only be given the support to live honestly and courageously, but you will be trained to help change the lives of others. Admission into the CIT Program is by application and interview.

The first step is to Read our FAQ’s and then email admissions.


Our Partners

A partner is defined as: “a person who takes part in an undertaking with another or others.” So what are we undertaking here at HG? Just personal happiness, honesty, and pride … no small feat! Which is why it’s critical for us to work closely with a trusted set of partners to help us help you. From nutrition to meditation to online dating, we work with organizations and people who share our values and work alongside us to help heal the planet, one human at a time.

We’ve personally used the services of our partners, each with their own proven and impressive track record, to help our clients realize their dreams. Yes. ALL of them.