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Mark Hyman says, “Years ago, I met a woman who changed my life. A mutual friend introduced us and we went to grab a cup of coffee; but I didn’t realize how life-changing that day would be. That woman was Lauren Zander, and though she’s now a best friend of mine, I was a bit scared in the beginning of our relationship. She saw right through my exterior persona and instantly challenged me to think about the things I didn’t want to address in my life—I was overworking, unhappy in my marriage, and worried so much about doing for everyone else that I wasn’t really being okay with myself. But those uncomfortable truths brought a lot of thought out in me, and months later Lauren finally convinced me to dive deeper into that darkness.”

On this episode of the Dr. Farmacy Podcast, Lauren joins Mark Hyman to talk about his own personal journey with life coaching—or what he calls Functional Medicine for the soul—to discover happiness, success, and so much more.


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