Change Your Tagline, Change Your Life with Java with Jim | Handel Group


10:30 AM - 11:30AM EST
Thursday, March 4th
Led by Inneru Author

Join Beth Weissenberger, Co-Founder of Handel Group for a wildly inspiring conversation: Change Your Tagline, Change Your Life.

Beth will have you consider this idea: each area of your life is going only as well as your tagline for it.

Your what?

Every person, relationship, and area of your life can be summed up in a one lin tagline. From “I got this” to “What’s that tickle in my throat?” to “‘I’m a genius” to “They’re sucking me dry.” In any area or relationship in your life where you’re thriving, proud, and inspired, you more than likely have positive taglines. And yes, in any area or relationship where, let’s just say it’s shaky ground, you have negative taglines.

In this session, Beth will take us through a series of fun and energetic activities. Beth will teach you how to not only discover your current taglines for your constituencies, but invent new ones for the important people and areas in your life. Taglines that will inspire you AND have the personal, relationship, or health area or your life wildly shift to the better.

Tag, you’re it. It’s a can’t miss Java!