How can I balance my life? | Handel Group

Cultivating Support via Heart, Body, Mind and Soul in Parenting and Lifestyle

Victoria Anderson, a Handel Group coach, is such a sweet and genuine guide! We discuss the tight rope that society has us walking and how well-rounded women balance life on their own terms.

Victoria specializes in “supporting parents to connect to their heart, mind, body, and soul to achieve their life dreams while navigating the challenges of parenting,” but there is so much more relatable wisdom from this that those of us can benefit from despite not yet being parents. Sometimes there’s a time and place for listening and learning to what we’re not yet ready for, but other times, it’s great to set a foundation of understanding before the time is necessary.

We touch on boundaries, in-home rules and expectations, pivoting our approach in new dynamics as our loved ones grow and change, as well as the balancing act and asking for help.