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Debunking Bad Theories: Work Life Balance

Question: is “work-life balance” a real thing?

At HG, we call it designing your life. Because real life isn’t just about having a healthy balance between your work and home life…it’s about designing the ENTIRE life of your dreams. It’s about spending the right amount of time on each area of your life (there are 12, and career is only one!) so that you’re realizing your dream in each and every one of them.

Join HG Head Coach Laurie Gerber, and founder of Well Woman Life Giovanna Rossi on this episode of Facebook Live! Don’t you want to learn how to walk into your bosses office and tell her happily, respectfully, and WHOLEheartedly you’re going home at 5PM on-the-dot this afternoon? Better yet, have her join you.

Thought so. Here’s How!

P.S. Inner.U is a 12 session online course that gives you the tools to hack into your own life, hone your dreams, and have every last thing you want in the areas that matter most to you: CAREER, MONEY, LOVE, TIME, FAMILY, and HEALTH. Do this life thing better from wherever, whenever!