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Design Your Life at Omega :: Facebook Live

Become the designer of your life!

Lauren Handel Zander, author, life coach, and creator of The Handel Method®, and Laurie Gerber, head coach at the Handel Group®, are leading a life-changing Design Your Life Weekend with Omega! Yes, a double whammy! In their inimitable, honest, no-holds barred style, Zander and Gerber will inspire you to dream in more areas of your life than you ever let yourself imagine. You will learn the secret sauce to happiness: Personal Integrity®: the alignment of your head (plan), heart (desire), and body (actions). You will return home with the tools you need to live your WHOLE (key word) life aligned with your highest ideals for yourself!!

Take this opportunity (or tell a friend or family member to take this opportunity) to experience a life-altering weekend this May! Join Lauren and Laurie at Omega from May 10-12 at our flagship course, Design Your Life.

You’ll leave the weekend with a new perspective, attainable goals, and an inspired personal plan.

Read more about the weekend and register today.

Listen to Jill Alban explain how the Design Your Life weekend helped her (finally) see how to remove the obstacles in the way of her dream life.

P.S. Want to talk to a human about the Design Your Life workshop? Visit to schedule a call with a Coaching Consultant to learn more about the workshop.