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God is in the details

If “God is in the details” why do we avoid the details so much? Maybe it’s because it is so much easier to keep it vague, hope for the best and decide some things are just based on luck, patience, fate or other external, uncontrollable factors. Do you agree or is it just me?
In our coaching work details really count, and we teach you to LOVE your numbers. By “numbers,” I mean: how much money you make; how much you spend; how many times a week you have sex with your spouse (or, eek, how many times a month, if at all); how much you weigh; how many calories are in your food; how many drinks you had; how much revenue your business is making; how many investors you have, etc.
And oh do people squirm, until they deal! I always promise that I will not request of you that which I did not or would not request of myself, so I will remind you how I dealt with my numbers.

  • When I was going from a size 14 to a size 4, I recorded everything I ate with the calorie count. I weighed in religiously and tracked my weight.
  • When I was working on building my first business, and I finally wanted to get to a new level of success, I kept a daily tally of contact calls and exact revenue and billable hour figures each week and month. Getting even more detailed, I took the time to map five different possible ways we could double our revenue. Slowly, opportunities in line with that dream emerged. We doubled in one year.
  • When I started to work on making my marriage more intimate and connected, I started not only tracking how many times we had sex each week but making sure we did, at least twice a week! Numbers count. I have a different husband at once a week than I do at twice or at zero (not pretty). See how that works? Try it and you will see too.

I know denial can seem preferable, but once you take the leap I promise you will not look back, because the results are delightful! Even if it’s bad news. When you look at the numbers, you must remember that the truth was there anyway, you just weren’t dealing with it. Once you start to deal, your sense of power and self-confidence will emerge and the positive action and feelings will fuel more positive actions and feelings.
But how do you kick off that cascade effect of good feelings?
1) Assess what numbers you are avoiding. Body, Love and Career/Business are the most popular areas!
2) Take stock. Do the math. Face the truth.
3) Take action and feel good.
Most important is to peek into that dark corner and find out that there isn’t really a ghost, it’s just the bed you made. You can undo and remake it if you want to– you have that power! Please tell someone and do something today. I know your loved ones will thank you and me. They might even chip in.
Love, Laurie