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How do you author your own life story?

Life Coach Ty Moore tells his journey of those who invested in him, and why he now invests in others, and the profound affect that has had on himself and the world and all those he interacts with.

Tyreek Moore has over 20 years of management and business experience in both the federal and private sectors. Tyreek has worked with government agencies, large commercial companies, colleges, K12 schools, and community organizations. In 2006 Tyreek founded Absolutions IT, LLC, an information technology consulting firm dedicated to providing incredible solutions and customer service to public and private sector clients. In 2011 he officially expanded the firm’s service catalog to include instructional technology consulting services with the goal of helping learning institutions leverage their technology investment to increase the engagement opportunities for its students.

Tyreek earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Boston University and his Master of Education degree from Harvard University. As a professor at Monroe College, he has taught courses in Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Principles of Management, Systems Analysis and Design, Social Media Marketing, Website Marketing, and Implementation and Sports Management.

Currently working with Handel Group, one of the leading executive and life coaching firms, he is an executive in their Sports division specializing in coaching individuals and teams to produce extraordinary results. He believes happiness trumps all things in life, and that a positive perspective and dedication to embracing the journey more than the destination is paramount to achieving fulfillment.