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How I Dropped 8 Excuses in 1 Week!

Many of you know me as someone who has been coached by the Handel Group and gotten healthy and learned how to manage my weight over the past 7 years.

Well, guess what?

I have a confession to make!

Currently, I’m selling out again. Here’s the scoop:

One snowy afternoon in late January, I opened my mailbox and inside was a coupon to join a local gym. The cost? $2.50 a week. Immediately, I was like “Two-fifty! That’s less than a coffee at Grand Central.” Then I pictured the body I really want to have this summer and thought: “I’ll pay $2.50 a week to go to the gym.”

I had been thinking about getting really toned for the summer. This past November, I bought a house on a lake in Connecticut and I was excited about getting in great shape and wearing a bikini top and board shorts on the lake. The timing was perfect!

Days after I received the coupon, I went to the gym, bought my membership, got my little gym card, attached it to my car keys and left.

That was 67 days ago….

It’s April and I haven’t been to the gym since. Yes, I’m a cliché. I joined the “bought-a-gym-membership-in-January-and-never-went-club.

But admitting it actually makes me feel better! And telling you my awesome excuses will make me feel even better. Here are some of those excuses:

It’s snowing out. The roads are slippery. I shouldn’t drive.

I’m swamped with work. I’m too busy to go to the gym.

I look good enough and my dates don’t seem to mind

I do the elliptical at home all the time. I don’t need to tone.

The membership was so cheap – who cares?

My friend’s brother told me I looked rocking at Passover.

I’m in my forties, why do I even want to wear a bikini top?

I look amazing compared to 8 years ago.

After listening to all of this, I could forget I even had a dream for how toned I’d be this summer. My excuses seem valid. Right? Luckily, I have the experience to know I don’t have to listen to all these bits of my inner dialogue.

Actually, I have a problem with them. I have a specific idea and dream about how I want to look and feel about my body. I really do want to hang out on the lake in my new canoe this summer and wear a bikini top. If I keep listening to these excuses, I will not reach my body dream and be proud of how I look on the lake this summer. On some level, I will teach myself that I don’t really care about what’s important to ME.

So even though no one else is going to get on me about being out of integrity with my body, it still bothers me, because my dream is personal to me.

Personal Integrity is when you align your heart, mind, body and actions with YOUR dreams. Right now, I don’t have Personal Integrity with my body. And I’m changing that..

This week I’m simply dropping my excuses and making  a new promise. Starting Monday, I promise 3 workouts a week for 30 minutes focusing on my abs, arms and legs with at least two of those workouts having to be at the gym.This will get me toning my body and to my new gym every week.  I’m not selling out anymore and you can all hold me accountable to it. Reach out to me. Post comments. Facebook me. Ask me how it’s going and if I’ve seen the inside of my gym.

Or better yet, sign up for the Dream Body Tele-Course and learn the method that I used to lose the weight, drop the excuses and hold myself accountable to what I really want. I was about to sell out on a dream without realizing it. I hope reading this helps you catch your version of selling out quicker than I did.

Katie Torpey