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If Not 2010, When?

Uh-oh. I am antsy again. I am feeling much better physically, but mentally, still uneasy. (By the way, thanks for all the feedback from the last newsletter. You are all so wise about wellness!) It dawned on me this morning that I don’t like deadlines. Or said better, deadlines drive up “my issues.” For me, the end of the year is a deadline and there are some things I wanted that are down to the wire, plus the expanse of 2010 lies before me. Anything is possible in a new set of 12 months, the choices are endless of where to begin; this is also oppressive to me. Can anyone relate?
I always feel better once I have called a spade a spade, and now I have. Let me summarize: I am almost in panic mode about accomplishing my ’09 dreams and simultaneously fearing the enormity of my ’10 dreams. What a ‘tweener place to be! Oh and by the way, the 15th was my birthday, another day of reckoning. And you all thought it was the “holiday season” that stresses people out. It’s so much more for me.
Since I am a coach and, as many of you know, obsessed with how to be happy and at peace, I quickly set out to solve my angst. First, as always, confess. Check. Next, get to work. Here’s the plan I recommend for me and for you:
1) Before December 31st, write out all your accomplishments and failures from the year. Take stock. Report to others on what you are proud of and celebrate them. For each area or goal in which you fell short, see if you can “fess up” about what was missing: Was it effort? Fear in the way? Was it the brat? Some limiting belief? Knowing what’s running things in your life is very important for planning the overthrow and taking back the reins.
2) Write a vision for what you want in 2010. If not now, when? Make it big and bold, but don’t BS yourself. I always tell clients to envision what life would be like if all obstacles were removed and you stayed “in the zone.” What would you be, do, have? Make this short enough that you’ll read it daily. If you like visuals, put it in the form of art or a collage. This is a great activity for holiday or New Year’s parties.
3) Plan actions. Write 1 to 2 actions you can take daily or weekly toward your vision. These aren’t resolutions, they are promises, so you have to keep track of whether you did them or not. Post this on your fridge, desk at work or somewhere you can see your list every day, all day.
4) Get support. I highly advise getting a coach (or a friend who won’t let you off the hook) to help you keep your new action plan. There is such a startling contrast between having a good idea and executing it, night and day.
5) Go public. Make your actions public and send a monthly email where you tell on yourself, bragging where you should and owning what you didn’t do. You will be shocked by the amount of love and support this kind of honesty and openness generates.
6) Keep going. Remain focused on your goals. You can always revise as you move through your year, because your vision is really a journey and you’ll be learning along the way. Be sure to know the difference between revising a goal and giving up on one (a coach can really help here too).
Going through this process in years past has been very gratifying and I am sure it will be again this year. I’ll tell you about mine if you tell me about yours (hint hint: join the HG Coaching Facebook fan page).
Love, Laurie