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It’s About Time

Do you feel like time is speeding by? How is September already over? Why does it feel like you can never catch up? Are you breathless?
I used to feel that way constantly. Especially, in early fall when everything starts up again with a vengeance. That was back when I was only running the private coaching outfit of Handel with 30 people reporting to me and coaching 20 private clients. Now, I am shooting a TV show in addition to all that. So, all that I have learned about mastering time from the Handel Method® is coming in extra handy.
I discovered that there was nothing “wrong” with time or my time management skills. A few years ago, I was complaining to my boss, Beth that I could never fit in enough in the time I had. She said, for her “time moves slowly.” I was mystified by that comment, because for me, time moved so quickly. It forced me to contemplate that maybe what was “wrong” was my relationship to time.
The Handel Method® teaches that we can design all our relationships based on our dreams, why not my relationship to time? If I started believing that time worked for me, might I have a better shot at having it work for me? The answer was yes. I decided time was going to go slowly for me, too. As a bonus, I also discovered that I was often wasting time I could have been using. I was amazed to find how many habits and attitudes I had that slowed me down: overanalyzing, complaining, dramatizing and of course, unconscious rules I had about when I would and wouldn’t do certain things.
Turns out, rules were also the solution to many of my time management issues. I learned to promise by when I would get things done and when I would specifically get “nothing” done. This meant time for rejuvenation was planned and assured, which quieted my martyr-prone mind.
Everyone has a different relationship to time, and everyone has different vices, so everyone needs different rules. One rule applies across the board though: the more you think you don’t need rules, the more you need them. Please, don’t knock rules till you try them. What you haven’t realized is you are already following your unconscious rules and they are giving you less than satisfying results. So change the rules! Imagine how you might feel and what you could achieve if you design your rules and then fight down your “inner brat” to keep them?
If you want to learn:
– the three best kinds of rules for mastering time
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