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Learn to Human Better with Inner.U

Learn to huh?  

Close…hu-man. Perhaps by now you’ve gotten fairly used to my modern unorthodox ways – whether it’s mixing metaphors, slinging one-liners, or in this case, inventing new words. In case you still have no idea what I’m talking about, here are a few sample words I’ve added to the Handel English – Human Dic(k)tionary:

And, yes, the latest addition: Human, the verb.

Come on. If Fedex, Google, and Snapchat can be their own verb, why not “human”? Given we have no option while we’re alive but TO HUMAN, I think human-ing is something we can ALWAYS stand to get better at. No? You see, when “human” is used as a verb, it puts the onus of responsibility and change and what’s possible where it belongs…on US. 

So, here’s what I think TO HUMAN BETTER means:



(verb) To care to your core. To matter to yourself. To hack into your ENTIRE life and see the WHOLE picture and connect the dots…because it’s ALL connected. To get conscious of what we’re currently unconscious of. To upgrade your operating system (yes, you have many). To honor your lineage by evolving it.  To find your sense of humor (because, in many instances, it’s gone missing). Just in time for you to get the ultimate INSIDE joke.  

Which one? 

The joke that YOU are sorta, maybe, quite possibly (see: adverbs from the Snice Age) your happiness’ biggest problem. However, I swear this bad joke on ALL of us is really good news. 


If we are our happiness’ biggest problem, we’re also its solution. In a world that insists on instruction manuals and tutorials for literally everything we buy, shouldn’t we rightfully be wondering right about now where’s our own owner’s manual? 

I mean, come on, who is teaching us how to human better? Lord (or whoever or whatever you believe in!) knows, our parents tried(ish). Books try to. School? Well, not so much.

We’re all so busy achieving our goals that most of us are not really designing our dream life at all. We’re so much greater and more capable than this, except we’re not breaking into our own life and discovering our real voice, our real truth, and our ability to live a life we care about so much more than the one we’re seemingly stuck in. 

I’ve spent more than twenty years helping humans do what it takes to make real change in their lives. I’ve written (and recorded!) the (hu)manual. It’s called Inner.U. It’s the course we all seriously needed in high school…but never got. Hmmm…Humaning 101 vs. Precalculus?  Exactly. Check it out.



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