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My Favorite Quirky Snacks

In honor of the upcoming “Dream Body” group tele-course and soon-to-be-produced “Dream Body” audio download, I have been thinking about the practicalities of losing weight; there’s nothing spiritual about this conversation. This is just all about the fun of new taste experiences and the delight of really tasting (healthy) food. I challenge all of you to taste your food today. Really chew and taste and experience it. Don’t eat it mindlessly; learn something new with each bite. Okay, maybe there is something spiritual about this conversation.
We teach that getting to your dream body has everything to do with personal integrity and nothing to do with your diet. Diets work. We are brats. But I still want to talk about food, because, well, it’s fun and practical. People often ask me what I eat because I miraculously went from thinking there had to be sugar added to any fruit, butter or cream sauce added to any vegetable and starch and dessert at every meal to thinking simply that unadulterated, healthy foods, like fruits, nuts and vegetables (albeit sometimes in odd combinations), could actually taste and feel delicious. What a difference!
Because many people have asked me what I eat, I wanted to share with you a list my friends and I came up with of fun snacks we enjoy. (I do eat snacks/mini-meals five or so times a day, ending at 7:30pm, never a large meal unless there is some occasion.)
1. Vegetable soup with one egg boiled in with it
2. Egg-whites with feta cheese and salsa (I cook this in the microwave for 5 minutes and eat hot, though the salsa is cold)
3. Smoothies with rice milk and any kind of frozen fruit and almonds or almond butter
4. Oatmeal/egg white pancake with jam or syrup (mix 1 minute oatmeal with egg whites, cook in a frying pan in non-stick spray)
1. Grilled or broiled broccoli and salmon
2. Grilled or broiled asparagus and salmon
3. Hearts of palm
4. Yogurt and Berries or Grape Nuts
5. Watermelon, feta and pistachios
6. Bok choy and shitake mushrooms
7. Turkey burgers with red onion and tamari
8. Tuna or chicken salad with dried cranberries (light or no mayo)
1. Applesauce and tahini
2. Apples with almond butter (raw)
3. Grapefruit (all peeled with no white) with pistachios and 2 dates
4. Papayas and Mangos with lime-YUM!
5. Whipped cream and berries and sprinkles
6. 1 serving sorbet
7. Make your own popsicles out of yogurt or juice and fruit
8. 2 squares of high quality dark chocolate
9. One piece sprouted bread with almond butter and all fruit jam
Life is such an opportunity for expansion and growth, even at the most dark moments. Even if you are bingeing or eating something bad for you today, I still want you to just stop and get present– and feel, and taste. You have been magically endowed with these senses for a reason; how cool to use them on purpose. Do consider that if you were really full-on tasting, healthy food would be an awesome, sensual experience. Also consider that if you limited unhealthy food, it too would become more special.
xo, Laurie