Navigating The End Of Life | Handel Group

Navigating The End Of Life – Heart House Radio Podcast

In this episode, I sat down to talk about navigating end of life conversations. As a huge basketball diehard and sports fan, I have pondered death a lot this past week since the passing of Kobe Bryant, and this conversation with Expert Coach from the Handel Group, Hildie Dunn, is perfect timing. We talk about the importance of making peace and having difficult conversations with loved ones, where healing needs to take place. The cover the importance of not wasting any time and pouring your energy and love into what gives your spirit joy. Death is an uncomfortable topic for many, but it doesn’t have to be. Grounding yourself in the loop of life can be very empowering. To know that the end of life gives new life a chance and that the life you’ve been given is a gift, and a chance to contribute to the evolution of humanity and consciousness, the time is NOW to act and play your part. I hope you enjoy this episode with Hildie and I – it’s a heartfelt gem.

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