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Power the Hustle Podcast

Have you ever struggled to find true love?  Are you wondering if love is possible for you?  Have you been hurt in the past and are not sure on how to move forward?  Or are you currently in a relationship that you are trying to compromise in?  These are struggles that we probably all are familiar with on some level and in order to find true love we need to understand the important role all these play.

In this episode, I sit down with Lauren Zander and we talk about how to really discover what our heart, head, and hooha, wants, and how that is different.  We learn how to evaluate what we should look for and what warning signs we often overlook that should be addressed. We talk about how to take an unbiased look at our partner, and also how to examine ourselves to see if there is something about ourselves that is off.

Questions Asked:

  • How do I find “my” person?
  • How do we avoid becoming our partners “whipping post”?
  • If we give up something can we get something better?
  • Can you expect one person to be your everything?

Topics Covered:

  • Finding true love.
  • How to move on from divorce.
  • How to not ‘sell-out’ in a relationship.
  • How to determine if you should compromise.
  • How to move forward after divorce.

Quotes from the show:

  • “I deeply believe in love.” @LaurenZander #PowertheHustle @FitonicBody Click to Tweet
  • “You have a head, a heart, and a hooha.” @LaurenZander #PowertheHustle @FitonicBody Click to Tweet
  • “There’s certain things you can never compromise.” @LaurenZander #PowertheHustle @FitonicBody Click to Tweet
  • “Everyone is reacting rather than solving.” @LaurenZander #PowertheHustle @FitonicBody Click to Tweet
  • “You have to love being alive.” @LaurenZander #PowertheHustle @FitonicBody Click to Tweet

How you can stay in touch with Lauren Zander:

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