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Lauren Zander's new book

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Success Magazine calls the new book from Lauren Zander "practical and inspiring."

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“Working with Handel Group has been instrumental in the ignition of what I could only describe as a powder keg of creativity, inspiration and success in my business AND personal life. Since beginning my work, only 5 months ago, their influence has awakened in me an innate ability to envision a goal and set the course of actions to achieve my design – which I have done now, repeatedly to the wonderment of my business partners and friends.

I have learned to lead by example, putting integrity above all and to admit what I really do want out of life. My coach is a treat to work with too. He has become a very close and trusted confidante and member of my chosen family. The guy is awesome – he is as funny as Lenny Bruce on a good day – his business instincts are on point like a black ops sniper – his ability to smell a lie is like a bayou bloodhound – his technique for calling me out is caring, yet stalwart like a boxing coach. I am on a steady path to take the title with this dude as my coach.”

-Mark Roemer, Creative Director, Rombu