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Sasha 2021…Tag You’re it!

By James Orsini – President The Sasha Group

Looking Back at 2021: The Sasha Group Taglines and Growth

The Sasha Group, founded by entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, is a marketing and consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses grow. James Orsini, President of The Sasha Group, reflects on the company, their goals for 2021, and how they rocked their year with the help of a Handel Method teaching: taglines!

So what are taglines? Every person, every relationship, every area and constituency in your life can be summed up in a one-liner. If you have an opinion, you have a tagline. And your life is going as well as your current taglines. That’s why it’s so important to write taglines with intention.

For businesses, taglines can serve as a roadmap for what’s to come, a guide to help you stay aligned in your goals and keep a company on course. As the Sasha Group worked to grow in 2021, they created taglines for each division. Check out their taglines to see how they help you account for your year as you look back on what your company achieved.

The North Star Tagline

At The Sasha Group, we have a tradition of reflecting on our year of accomplishment. As we end our third year of operation, I want to look back on our roadmap to grow revenue by 25% and employees by 33% in the year ended 2021. An important part of our plan was working with an outside coaching consultant, and recognizing Sasha is a consultancy rooted in advertising. We recognized that taglines play an important part in what we do. In fact, most things in life can be summed up in a one-liner. As we do with our clients, we view these taglines through the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms.

It starts at the top, and we needed an overall North Star tagline for The Sasha Group. The Sasha Group tagline for 2021 is “The Heart of VaynerX.”

We focused on the heart in our logo, and see ourselves as Consultancy meets Agency, Strategy Meets Execution, and Smart meets Heart. That’s how we service more than 50 clients per quarter. That’s how we keep a voluntary turnover rate at less than half of the industry average. From the physical perspective, we are more than marketing solutions – from the emotional perspective we lead as one.rom the spiritual perspective, we believe “we got this”.

We then asked each geographic region and each discipline leader to develop a driving tagline for 2021 to help us reach our goals, according to our North Star tagline above. The taglines laid out by Mark Evans, Mickey Cloud, Joe Quattrone, Jason Loomis, Maribel Lara, Katie Hankinson and Jess Hutchison are as follows:

Our Taglines

Sasha North: Often outnumbered, never outgunned. This team went head to head with some of the biggest and best agencies in the industry, servicing client brands often in the same hallways with competitors who were working on other brands in their client portfolio. Winning several RFPs against folks who had been around for decades and with greater resources than Sasha.

Sasha South: A well oiled machine takes off in 2021. This group successfully moved from a small satellite office of VaynerMedia New York, to a full-fledged partner of the Sasha North office. Becoming equal in capabilities and moving to new more appropriate physical offices worthy of their status shoulder to shoulder with the North.

Sasha West: Pioneer spirit meets global connectivity. These folks flexed with great diversity, from handling entrepreneurs in beauty, fashion, beverage, household products and many others to quickly adapting to opportunities in Crypto currency, NFTs, and global finance.

Media: We ignite business growth for our clients. And that they do, working with brick and mortar to direct to consumer from selling products and services to driving awareness and foot traffic to audience viewership. This group’s media buying saw a 47% increase year over year.

Consulting: The go-to business growth mentors for ambitious brands. This team listened to the needs of their audience and expanded offerings into advisory services and hired PHDs and developed Organization Design products, all while continuing to service existing mentor clients and adding new mentor’s clients even in the last month of the year.

Education: A belief system that guides. This group served in the virtual setting, brought back live in person events, relaunched corporate education initiatives and continued to develop weekly content for several hundred STORK members and subscribers with virtually no negative customer feedback. A great accomplishment in a year where individual frustration ran so high across all of the globe.

Branding: We inspire brands about themselves so they can inspire the world. Small but mighty, this team punched above their weight all year long. An in box full of client accolades tells me we are doing something right here. Brands are built on social and clients are realizing the importance of getting brand foundations, visions , mission , values right. A great brand outsells a great sales force every time.

Regulated: Bobbing and weaving masterfully to unlock clarity and success for product and practice. And that they did, moving beyond health and wellness into Cannabis, CBD, Agricultural, and more. Making the complex simple each day they show up.

And there you have it. The 2021 road map for The Sasha Group as taglines led the way. Special thanks to my former coach Beth Handel who taught me that everything you believe, you prove.

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