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Sivana Podcast

Part 1: Aligning Thought And Action For Exponential Results – Conversation With Beth Weissenberger

Meditation teaches us that we are not our thoughts, yet controlling our never-ending inner dialogue is a massive challenge. Today, executive coach Beth Weissenberger describes how she helps CEOs and professional NFL players achieve their desired results by gaining awareness of their own inner dialogue. Beth provides a framework of how we can ‘name’ the voices inside our head for greater awareness and ultimately, elevate our consciousness. Before recording this podcast, Beth told me she wasn’t sure if her message would resonate with yogis. One of my favorite parts of this interview is that so much of what she shares is almost identical to what’s taught in a variety of yoga traditions. If you’re looking to achieve a greater sense of awareness over your thoughts and your life, this episode is for you!

Part 2: The Art of Difficult Conversations – Conversation With Beth Weissenberger

Today we continue our conversation with Beth Weissenberger, master coach to CEOs and professional NFL players. Building on Tuesday’s episode, we shift to tips about how to have “Hard Conversations.” Beth teaches us concrete tools to overcome our fear, ‘frame’ the conversation, own our part in the problem and make a concrete ask for a solution. Whether you need to have a big difficult conversation with a partner, family member or friend or just need tools to effectively ask for help at home or in the office, you’ll walk away from this podcast empowered to clear the air with everyone around you.

Special Guest: Beth Weissenberger

Creator & Host: Brett Larkin

Sound Engineer: Zach Cooper

Producer: Benn Mendelson

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