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Success doesn’t always equal happy

Ever know someone that has it all going on––they’re personable, smart, witty, talented, dashing, FUN in all caps–– but full time success and long lasting happiness is somehow just out of reach for them?

What’s up with that?

Jayson Jackson was one of those people. He had a lot of success as a young executive in the music business. But, as he puts it, “success is an interesting thing.” And Jayson had to come to terms with the fact that extraordinary success early in his career hadn’t translated to personal happiness.

Jayson came to HG for coaching searching for something, unsure as to what was missing.

Guess what it was? Personal Integrity. Soon, Jayson found himself able to identify the issues holding him back and quickly learned that any change needed to start right where he sat––with himself.

Hear Jayson explain how coaching helped him put his mind (and his integrity!) into the right gear to find a new level of full time happiness and Emmy (!) award-winning success.

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