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The Mountain Top Podcast

As co-founder of The Handel Group, my co-host Lauren Zander has coached major corporations and famous celebrities on the art of success. But it’s her iconoclastic, if not downright incendiary thoughts on finding one’s own truth and where it comes from that take center stage in this fast-paced episode. Look for one of the most spirited conversations in quite a while on everything from ‘personal pollution’ to owning your decisions and your destiny–all spoken in a way you’ve surely never heard before. We discuss the weird ramifications of the entire world speaking out on social media, why lying to oneself is unquestionably the most dangerous lie possible, and what Lauren calls ‘The Barbie Doll Puppet Show’. You’ll also get Lauren’s unique take on what true love is, and why most people gladly lie to themselves about even that. But perhaps the most shocking part of the whole show is when Lauren puts a completely new twist on how the sins of the parents are visited upon the children. Also find out what epigenetics are and how they deeply affect your innermost thoughts and secrets.

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