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This Makes Change Easy


Hi! My name is Marie.

That’s the text I sent to my HG coach after we came up with the new taglines that helped me get a practicum while I completed my Masters in Addiction Counselling.

The truth is, I never imagined I would make it to graduate school, let alone live my dream of changing the lives of addicts. You see, I had a belief that my own history of addiction had set me up for failure for the rest of my life. And – if you know The Handel Method, you know that – whatever we believe, we prove, right?

So, my coach and I worked to come up with new taglines for me to go and start proving so that I could invent my success. Two of my favorites were:

My life experiences make me an exceptional candidate.

My purpose in life is to support people with substance use disorders.

After I shifted my thinking in this area, I went to work on changing my behaviors by making promises and setting goals. I took small steps like joining Alanon, starting a daily meditation practice, finishing Inner.U LIFE, and starting Inner.U LOVE.

And then BIG things started happening… not only did I get into my top pick graduate school, but I:

✅ Earned straight A+’s for the past 4 straight semesters

✅ Lost 35 pounds

✅ Kept the 35 pounds off for one year and counting

✅ Got divorced (Oh yeah, that! Did I mention he was an addict, too?)

✅ Started online dating and created my dream of one fun date per week

Even I’m impressed!

And now, I’ve got a new tagline for my entire life…

Anything I need to change, I can change about myself!

Full of power, authorship, and accountability. To myself. What could be more important?

Your turn.
What are some of your taglines that need evolving?
What belief are you going to flip that will shift something, or someone, in your life today?