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“I called a meeting of my senior management team to discuss how we would continue to grow Vogue, the 115 year-old iconic magazine. To my mind, we were very much about to plateau, reaching number one market share in all of our key advertising categories. After nearly another year of false starts and the highest turnover in the company, I was introduced to Handel Group. Handel Group provided a platform to allow the management team to give up bad habits and replace them with positive high-performance behavior. Members of the team learned what it meant to accept that accountability is the key to being an extraordinary business executive, and that Personal Integrity is the fundamental principle of accountability. The results have been outstanding. In 2007, Vogue produced the largest monthly consumer magazine ever published, and turned in a record year on top of a historic 2006. We are going into 2008 with extreme momentum and self-awareness, Not feeling wrung out, which comes from the enabling sense that one gets from speaking and dealing in truth. A lesson well learned from Handel Group.”

– Tom Florio, Publisher, Vogue