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Who Cares?

Who Cares?
I know it sounds crass, but I have to ask: Do you care? If so, about what? And for how long do you honestly care about it?
This is the same question the coaches and I have been vulnerably grappling with in June and we’ve been a little surprised to find that caring wanes very easily, even about things that are really (supposedly) important to us.
Here are some amusing examples from our coaches’ lives, to which I am sure you can all relate (I know I can):
• One coach noticed her love of her rock hard body, once such a source of pride, had become “less relevant” now that she had a boyfriend.
• Another found that there were moments that a manicure truly felt more important than making that important phone call to connect.
• Yet another discovered that she cared about booking events for herself, up to a certain point. Then if the gig seemed “too hard” or too much of a “stretch,” her chicken took over and she wanted to give up.
To help some of my coaches, I gave them a challenge that you can do too. We call it the “Campaign for Caring.” (By the way, I always recommend catchy slogans for your campaigns because it reminds you to have a sense of humor about evolving!) The campaign goes through the month of July and the steps are below. Please comment on my blog if you are playing along.
1) Focus! Pick one to three areas in which you want to establish your greatness, but you have been a tad lame. Good examples are: your body, your love relationship, your career, your family relationships, etc.
2) Declare! Write down the results you want that would also represent your having really consistently cared. (Share them, before you begin, with us and anyone else who will support you.)
3) Account! Use your coach or your buddy to read a daily email from you reporting on how well you cared that day. Report on where you cared and where you didn’t, where you were a brat, a chicken or a superstar.
4) Stay Alert! Remember that awareness is a huge part of the strategy. Recognizing and celebrating successes is as important as getting good at outing your brat when it takes over. The more you watch, assess, admit and confess, the more of a master of yourself you will become.
5) Report! At the end of July, post to this blog and report how you did. Reporting is key; can you tell? Good old accountability!
6) Learn! If you fail at getting your results, learn and celebrate your honesty and learning. If you succeed, celebrate and create the next campaign.
I dare YOU to care!
Love, Laurie