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Senior Executive Coach

Will Craig

Will works with executives, teams, and organizations to elevate their performance and enhance their successes. He guides individuals and teams to design their leadership and clarify unseen obstacles to their effectiveness. He trains leaders and team members how to tell the truth and collaborate in a way that allows them to unlock opportunities, achieve new results, and gracefully produce needed changes.

Since coming on board with Handel Group® in 2008, Will has accrued well over ten thousand hours of experience as a coach and senior coach in The Handel Method®. He has worked with executives and teams across diverse regions, industries, and business functions, including:

• Advertising
• Data and Technology
• Education
• Energy
• Finance
• Government
• Human Resources
• Insurance
• Manufacturing
• Non-Profit
• Service Industries

Earlier in his career, Will honed his people-skills and ability to design organizational culture in schools. He has worked as an elementary teacher, head of an elementary program, and as a teacher trainer. As a parent he founded and operated an Early Education business that served many families, and was Educational Director for Partners With Parents, a top tutoring and educational consulting company in NYC. He co-designed and implemented the process and operations for Handel Group® Coaching for Minors.

In addition to his work in organizations, Will’s writing has been recognized and published in a variety of settings. He has been involved with several Handel Group® Media projects, appearing in programming on the A&E network and on The Dr. Phil Show. An avid reader and learner, Will lives in Upper Manhattan with his wife and their three children. He devotes personal interest to refurbishing his townhouse and garden, and supporting a variety of nonprofit organizations.

Education and Training:

• Bachelors degree, Psychology and Education, Swarthmore College
• Master of Arts in Teaching, Trinity College of Washington, DC
• Elementary Teaching credential, American Montessori Society
• Permanent New York State Teaching Certification