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Your Mind has a Mind of its Own

I don’t know about you (cough, cough), but, if I waited for the day I felt like eating kale, going to the gym, jumping my man (even though, he’s cute) or writing (even though, it’s my passion), well, I’d be hefty, my husband, celibate; and, my first TV show, never would have aired.

Truly, I’d just be a hostile housewife. Fine. A hostile-r one.

To this day, it still amazes me that it doesn’t matter how happy I am after working out, eating healthily or having sex, the very next time it’s, you know, that time again, my inner brat, once again, has zero interest. I mean zero. It doesn’t matter, I swear, that I connect with God and nature on my run, who’s got time for that! Right? My favorite brand of excuses run rampant and my memory of how happy and proud of myself I was just the other day, magically disappears.


Sorta. Let’s just call this particular brand of purposeful idiocy, human. And, well, it just so happens that we humans are not necessarily the nicest, most generous and most self-regulating of species.

In fact, not only are we not so nice, we’re pretty sneaky.

Sneakily, we do a lot of beating ourselves up way more than doing what it takes to actually be happy and realize our dreams. As long as we feel guilt-ridden that, let’s say, we ate the tuna with high mercury that our favorite doctor implored us not to (hi, Mark), didn’t go to the gym, or didn’t jump our mates, we feel like a decent, well-intending human. Because, you know, we meant well, felt guilty and uh, tried…

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But, what if we tightened the leash on our sneak, our inner brat, our lazy, and on our excuser? What if we got suspicious of the head we call home and muzzle that mind of ours? What if we knew that our heads were not the real we? That its main intent was to keep us “safe,” curled up in bed, left alone, eating cookies, too tired to have sex, but miraculously able to watch an entire Netflix series and, certainly, not doing anything so crazy as, oh I don’t know, going to the gym when we said we would!

If our head’s intent is to keep us safe, and if sadness, celibacy and/or some extra pounds happen to come with it, oh well. According to our minds, so be it. And, just throwing this out there — doesn’t yummier food come with being sad? Ever wonder how long your sadness would actually last, if it only came with a side of celery?


What if true happiness and self-esteem come from knowing you can count on yourself to keep a promise to yourself? That making and keeping promises to yourself about what matters most to you, matters most. From eating kale (the state bird of California) to having consistent (and great) sex with your mate to exercising to writing.

It does.

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