Design Your Life Weekend

Are you ready to take your life to a new level and get the results you truly desire? Whether you want to build a fulfilling career or business, cultivate passionate love, achieve optimal health, create financial abundance, enjoy rewarding relationships, or take on any other goal in your life, the Design Your Life Weekend will show you a new way of thinking and what to do to reach your dream. Leading by example, our team of coaches guide you through this engaging, personalized and penetrating weekend and give you many practical tools to quickly set your life on a new and exciting trajectory. You will discover what you need to change in your life and how to make the change. You will leave with new perspectives, clear decisions and a personal plan for making your decisions a reality now. It's time.

Day 1: Life Design Basics

  • How to dream and uncover what you really want.
  • How to be rid of self-sabotaging mental chatter and negative beliefs. “I am my own worst enemy” stops here!
  • How to make and keep commitments to yourself around body, career, money, relationships, and more.
  • How to have difficult conversations that will get you what you want.
  • How to see yourself as a leader and creator in the world.

Day 2: Evolving Yourself

  • How to tell the truth in order to be proud and confident.
  • How to gently shift your personality – and still be you.
  • How to identify and understand your life lessons that keep repeating.
  • How to design your life’s mission

The Design Your Life Weekend (DYL Weekend) is two productive days of interactive dialogue, small team exercises, group and individual coaching. Our highly trained life coaches will lead you through the journey, sharing their personal tales of agony, of creating their dreams, of challenging their mental voices, and ultimately, of building the power to take control of their lives.

If you are ready to do the work, this weekend is the perfect gateway to the change you want in your life.

Sounds good, but still not sure? Email or call us at 800-617-7040 and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


  • Registration for each course closes on the Wednesday before the course.
  • Payment plans available. Call 800-617-7040 to set up a payment plan.
  • The Handel Group reserves the right to postpone or cancel a course offering up to two weeks in advance of the course, or less in cases of an act of God. If The Handel Group cancels a course, it will refund all course fees.


Follow-up Option:

The Design Your Life Weekend is intended to introduce you to a complete set of tools for designing your life. After the weekend, many participants wish to practice and gain a deep mastery of these tools, and thus we offer follow-up coaching options. Our most comprehensive and high-impact offering is the Life Coaching Intensive, and is recommended for clients who wish to thoroughly incorporate the Handel Methodology into their lives.


The transformation was so quick and apparent and the experience of seeing one’s life truly as it is without any embellishments or fluff added, is so restorative I’m sure this is not something you ever fall back from. After this weekend I am inspired to keep on this journey, especially knowing I will have help along the way. I am ready now to manifest my true self. Thank you! ~ Shauna, Crestone, CO

The Handel Group’s Design Your Life Weekend had such a profound impact on me that I am looking at the world with a new lens; approaching all of my relationships differently. From my interactions with my husband and family to my interactions with the barista at my local Starbucks. I can see the possibilities of what my life could be and am excited and inspired to make the changes that will get me there. My life is getting richer every single day because of this course. ~ Carrie, Yonkers, NY

This weekend was hugely inspirational and I loved connecting with such a powerful group of women, Everyone really got into the spirit of sharing their truth and defining their dreams. I left feeling clearer on how to move forward in the direction of my own dreams and I am confident I will keep achieving them! Thank you! ~ Jade

This course hit the spot!. It not only taught me the tools I need to live my dream life but showed me HOW to implement them in order to achieve the results I want and the life I am meant to live. This experience will continue to have a lifelong impact on how I present myself to the world----with authenticity, honesty, integrity, inspiration, and an open-heart. ~ Wendi

I had given up on a financial goal of owning income property. Just doing the homework for this course allowed me to see how defeated I was around this, and motivated me to dive back in. By the time the weekend took place, I was a week into escrow. Now, I have closed, after years of looking. Other areas of my life have also been stirred up, too. After playing it safe and being rather isolated for several years, this feels pretty weird, sometimes scary, but very good - I'm proud and excited. ~ Joanna