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November 13th-15th, 2020
Led by Laurie Gerber
Head Coach

Design Your Life® Weekend at The Art of Living Retreat Center

Many of us are mystified as to why what we want in life often seems out of reach. Get to the bottom of it all with Laurie Gerber—renowned relationship and marriage coach—in a workshop that leaves no stone unturned.

In her inimitable, honest, funny, no-holds-barred style, Laurie will teach you the secret sauce to happiness: Personal Integrity®—the aligning of your head (plan), heart (desire), and body (actions). Delve into a deep, life-changing process of crafting dreams for twelve areas of your life. And dream in more areas of your life than you ever let yourself imagine.

While it may be easy to think that we are our life’s biggest problem, we truly have no idea to what extent that is true—or realize that we are also the solution. In two days of deep, interactive dialogue, small team exercises, and group and individual coaching, you’ll

  • Uncover what you really want in life
  • Articulate your dream
  • Bust your own excuses
  • Identify self-sabotaging inner dialogue
  • Create an action plan that is a match with your new dream!

Take home the tools you need to live true to your highest ideals for yourself, using The Handel Method, a time-tested coaching methodology taught at MIT, Stanford School of Business, New York University, and 50+ institutes of public learning around the world.

Open to everyone.