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2010-It Ain’t Over!

Last week I celebrated what I DID accomplish in 2010. So, what about the things I didn’t accomplish? It’s time to focus on closing out the year powerfully rather than feel bad about what didn’t get done. So first I went back to my list of plans for the year and made note of everything that didn’t come to fruition. Then I picked the most important “must haves” to focus on between now and the end of the year.
My “must haves” included: learning to be really good at radio and TV (not as easy as it looks!) and “leashing” the negative called a “deer in headlights,” that’s the one where I get really overwhelmed and paralyzed. At a time when my inner “brat” wants to slow it all down for the winter, give up or turn my attention to worrying about the holidays, instead I chose to step it all up and re-focus.
Taking stock is somewhat mathematical, but it’s also deeply spiritual. It’s when you check in to see if you are in alignment; it’s what “new years” are for. Mind you, I think one of the reasons religions have so many “new years” or “new season” celebrations is because it’s so valuable to keep taking stock and realigning ourselves.
Results are lovely to obtain, and I am really proud of the ones I achieved this year, but let me be clear, there were many things on my list I did not accomplish, and I probably won’t, even in this last kick. It’s not really about that. True happiness and pride is based on how you live, not what you accomplish. So please take these last few weeks of the year to reconsider everything.
You could see this as the perfect time to numb out, or the perfect time to TUNE IN! Here’s the assignment if you are tuning in:
1) Make a list of all your accomplishments from 2010 and celebrate them: make a collage, share your list with others, post it on your bulletin board.
2) Make your list of “must haves” by the end of the year and share THAT with at least three people (or share on my blog).
3) Play to win for the last few things you really want this year, for the fun of being in alignment. Win or lose, you will be able to say you gave it 100%.
4) Make at least two promises that will make it more likely you’ll accomplish your “must have.”
5) Design your New Year’s ritual to be meaningful. Whether alone or with a loved one or friends, make sure you do something special to mark your gratitude for what you’ve accomplished and your opportunity to start envisioning your year ahead knowing how it feels to give 100%.
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