3 H’S Guide™ To Happiness | Handel Group


8:00-9:00 PM ET
May 23, 2017
Led by Laurie Gerber
Head Coach

Head, heart, and hoo-ha. It’s easy to understand why the 3H’s are so important when you’re hunting for love. But the same voices also cast critical votes in every area of your life––including if you should pursue a different job, buy a house, take a trip, or even try a new yoga class.

Each voice has a different agenda and a strong opinion about what is right for you, and all 3 H’s are clamoring for attention in your mind. Understandably. As we typically sell out on one or two of the 3H’s. If you pick a well-priced, all-inclusive vacation, your head might be pleased with your practicality, but your heart and hoo-ha may mutiny.

In this tele-talk, you’ll figure out what satiates your oh-so particular 3 H’s and learn how to stop making choices that leave you wanting. The result? A more satisfied, connected, and wholly happy YOU.