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5 Steps to Love Your Body

Summer is undeniably a good time to deal with your body. We are all, the willing and the unwilling, forced to deal with our bodies. Even commercials on TV are telling us it’s time to rein in the calories. But it’s predictable that unless you dig in deeper with a real plan, all your good intentions will go out the window. There’s a lot I can share with you in this area of life from personal experience.

For the last 6 years, I have been an exercise lover, living in a size 4 body, enjoying what it can do. But in the years before that, I was a size 10-14, pretty grumpy, whiny, tired, carb/sugar-addict who felt that eating crap was my divine right as a feminist. My favorite saying was “why would anyone sweat on purpose?” I thought people who took care to eat well and exercise were pretentious. It was a convenient interpretation.

It wasn’t until a dear friend pointed out to me that I was gaining significant weight (growing out of my mom’s hand-me-downs) that I woke up to my dream in this area. I had always imagined myself as healthy and petite, and I truly was not aware of how far I was from this ideal until she said something. I am grateful I didn’t have to wait for a health crisis to set me on a much healthier path. I want to make sure you don’t either. I promise you aren’t fully aware of the toll bad food choices and lack of exercise are having on every area of your life.. Likewise, you don’t know how fantastic committing to change will be.

Here is the summary of steps I followed:

1. Stop resisting that you have to deal with your body. It comes with being human. It’s just the childlike “brat” in your head that wishes it were different. Mature adults recognize that it’s actually a privilege to learn to make good choices. In fact, it’s what differentiates us from children. We can delay gratification, and when we do, lo and behold, we feel better about ourselves.

2. Recognize that dealing with your body will make everything better. (Wait, read that again and let it sink in). Starting with your self-respect and self-confidence, you’ll be more focused, alert, and better rested. You will notice an improvement in your love life, family life, sex life, and your professional life. That is a big “bang for your buck!”

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3. Tell people about your new intentions and be specific. Not just “I want to lose 20 pounds this year,” but “I want to lose one pound a week and I am going to do it by XYZ method.”

4. Set yourself up to win by starting with a realistic goal and realistic limitations. As long as you are successfully shedding weight (or re-sculpting, or even gaining, depending on your dream), schedule in rewards so you prevent feeling deprived.

5. Be proud that you are going for your dream. Know that it means you are going to have to tackle the bratty voices in your head every day and you’ll have to face fears too. (We call this your “brat” and your “chicken” and they can be so convincing!) Most of us keep on extra weight to avoid dealing with fear of intimacy, facing something that isn’t working in our lives or dealing with sexuality issues. So be proud that you are willing to let those things come up and finally deal with them.

If not now, when? This is your life! Please get back in the driver’s seat. I know from my own experience how good it feels to deal with your body. If you’re ready to take this courageous next step, sign up for our Dream Body 8-Week Course and we’ll enlighten you to the power you have over your body and food choices. It’s never too late to embark upon this mission, to live as your healthiest and happiest self!

Cheers to your health,