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6 Techniques to Feel Better

 1) The Power of a “Purge”
The “purge” is one of our most frequently used coaching techniques and it is just what it sounds like. This method helps you get to the root of what’s bothering you and then dig it out from the roots with what we call a “talk back.”

2) How to Plan a Brilliant Day
Feeling overwhelmed with all you have to do in a day is a common occurrence and almost everyone has issues figuring out how to focus on what’s most important. This method teaches you how to feel calm and accomplished at the end of the day.

3) How to Communicate with Grace and Wisdom
This method is one of our primary tools for helping people create harmony and connectedness in their relationships.

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4) How to Confess
This method is not for chickens. It’s for when you want to experience the complete serenity of being fully known and the power of being “secret free.”

5) How to Get What You Want
This method helps you learn to handle getting a “no” until you get a “yes.”

6) Using the Law of Attraction
We will review a few great methods for practicing bringing your desires to you through the practice of manifesting.

Xo, Laurie