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Achieving True Happiness

Marnie Nir is an Executive Life Coach and the Chief Creative Officer at Handel Group. Marnie graduated from UCLA with a degree in Russian Literature and spent several years traveling, working in music and, most notably, working for the Moscow circus.

After settling down in Connecticut with her husband, Marnie found herself in need of purpose and direction. Her sister, Lauren Handel Zander, introduced her to the Handel Method and, from there, the two embarked on a partnership as coaches and leaders.

Marnie also continues to explore her creative work as a blogger, columnist and co-created the animated show MotherUp!, which ran on Hulu in 2013.

Today Marnie and I discuss how she got involved in her sister’s company, the Handel Group, and how it has transformed her life.

She outlines the modules for the Handel Method and offers her insights into why the steps are effective and how to incorporate them into your life.

Marnie touches on how previous traumas or failures can keep us from achieving our dreams and how you can move past them for a more successful future.

She also discusses how letting go of negative self-talk can be the key to understanding our true nature and to finding happiness and inspiration in our lives.

“You don’t have to lead a perfect life. You just have to walk the talk and be able to talk about it when you trip and fall.”

Marnie Nir

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

  • What the Handel Method is and why it’s effective
  • How to create lasting change
  • Why the Handel Method takes a holistic approach to help you find and follow your dreams
  • An outline of the Handel process of self-exploration to achieve happiness
  • Why it’s so hard to keep promises to ourselves
  • Why you should keep a thought log every day
  • The power in moving past our cerebral minds and discovering who we really are
  • How to get rid of your negative inner dialogue and be a better friend to yourself
  • Why letting go of your past is vital to achieving your dreams

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