Advanced DYL Weekend – NYC Oct 15 2016 | Handel Group


January 28, 2015
Led by Handel Group

This two-day workshop is designed to immerse you in our advanced coursework and covers the deepest principles of the Handel Method®. Through this work you can reinvent your life.

Unraveling™ Your Personal History is a coaching method by which you will see that the way you have interpreted, or “connected the dots” of all your experiences has led you exactly to where you are in life right now. Clearing up the misinterpretations and inaccuracies of your personal history and “reconnecting the dots,” can lead you to a very different life. Each individual has a mission to carry out in life. Because most people live with misunderstandings of their lives’ past events, they end up in “default missions” in which the magnitude of what is possible for their lives is greatly reduced.

Building on the freedom you’ll experience from Unraveling we then take you through the philosophical and practical steps of Manifesting. Learning to use the right tools to Manifest is a great reward for your hard work on authoring your life, owning-up and reclaiming your history.

This course turns you around and puts you on your real mission. You will have new revelations about your past, which will immediately change how you relate to your life and how you move forward towards fulfilling your deepest dreams.

You will leave with an undeniable sense of spiritual power that you can use for the rest of your life.


*prerequisite for this course is the Design Your Life Weekend or at least one year of HG coaching.

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