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Aligning Your Life, Healing Your Wounds, and Welcoming Abundance

Victoria Anderson is an executive life coach, teacher, and spiritual guide. She is a natural teacher who believes when people integrate their heart, mind, body, and soul they achieve their dreams. She is passionate about using The Handel Method and integrates her signature strength of being intimate, compassionate and direct into her coaching. She works with individuals to transform their lives, families, and vocations. This results in clients creating more joy, happiness, and fulfillment in their lives. Victoria is committed to guiding clients to expand their capacity and align with their spiritual path.

In this episode Victoria discusses:

  • Her battle with and healing of Crohn’s Disease
  • Stepping back to be the person you want to be in your life and family
  • The stem of negative thinking and how to shift it
  • Differentiating between noise and thoughts in your mind
  • Reconnecting with yourself and aligning your mindset
  • Being in tune to receive the signs you’re looking for