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Amber Houmes

Amber’s passion for connecting people to their dreams began in childhood. 

Her first job serving the community was in the family business, obedience training and boarding for dogs, at age six in Ohio. Amber has continued to evolve and reinvent her passion for service throughout her life, and her rebellious spirit and independent nature have led her down exciting and adventurous paths.  

Amber’s ambition saw her graduate high school in Ohio a year early. She then moved to her home state of Arizona and purchased her first home by the age of 18 (and second by 19!) while she studied for her bachelor’s degree and worked full time in the fashion industry. In 2001, she moved to Central Texas and obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Tarleton State University. 

In 2005, Amber spent a summer living in New York City. In 2006, back in Texas, she landed a job she loved helping people achieve their dream of homeownership. This was extremely fulfilling for Amber, and influenced her desire to go deeper in the work of helping people stand in their truth and connect to their dreams. 

Enter Handel Group. 

Amber was so inspired in 2013 by the huge impact Handel Group had on her as a client, she knew she had to share it with others. 

Finding the humor and lightness in her “dark side” continues to be freeing, enlightening, and inspiring for Amber. She enjoys pursuing her love of horses, travel, exploring the city with friends, and her spiritual practices. Her goal is to visit one new country and one new US city every year.

Service and volunteerism has always played a huge role in Amber’s life, creating a positive ripple effect. She served with Austin SMILES as a volunteer working with children in El Salvador in 2019.

Amber now lives in Georgetown, Texas with her dogs and a “feral” cat.