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Are You a Leader?

I did a little research on what people think great leadership consists of and not everyone has the same list. I’ve been getting a little flack for how “intense” and demanding my definition is, but everything special or extraordinary I ever produced in my life came on the heels of some sort of dare (usually from my coach). So I dare you to define leadership as boldly as I do, and then go for it.

What makes a great leader:

1. Your purpose is defined. Your vision is locked into your gut.

2. You walk your talk.

3. You talk and talk; you want to be heard and followed.

4. It’s for a higher purpose.

5. You give yourself as an example. In other words, you put yourself through something to turn your ordinary into extraordinary, publicly.

6. You are transparent. You don’t hide things. People are allowed to know you, warts and all.

7. You master your own mind and keep excuses at bay.

Do you live this? Do you know people like this? If you agree this is the list, how are you doing? When I first figured out the list, I rated myself a 4 on a scale of 1-10 because I was pretty clear on my purpose, but I was barely talking. Since then, I have been on a mission to define my vision even more clearly, to live into huge promises for results and to talk, talk, talk. It has been quite revolutionary. Many of you have been following the story.

The first “leadership” conference was Jan 31st and more than 60 people attended. Our first conference call was last week, 23 people attended. And, I am just getting started.

If you like this leadership list and it speaks to you, and you want to become a leader of this kind, or you already are one, make yourself known. The world could certainly use more great leaders.

xo, Laurie