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Daily Love of Your Job

When was the last time you felt riveted by your career?
The average American lifetime includes 90,000+ hours of work time. If you aren’t rating work an 8 or above on a scale on 1-10, it’s time to deal. Isn’t it time you confront the fact that nobody is coming to fix this problem but you? It’s time you figure out how much power you have to create and maintain a career you love.
You are well versed in the premises behind this awesome community of blogs. We’ve heard Mastin tell us time and again and we love his buddies who agree. We’ve read countless personal testimonies that prove:
1) You create your reality.
2) Your main job is to grow and learn.
3) You have more power than you think you do.
4) Getting into action will always feel better than wallowing in self pity.
5) Things are easier than you think, especially when you are letting powers outside of you HELP!
But, when it comes to career, we get bogged down in so many excuses as to why we can’t change or upgrade fast. Daily, we counteract the positive forces working toward our growth and development by believing dumb-ass theories like:
– I’m not smart enough to do that
– I’m not brave enough to do that
– I don’t have the self-discipline
– It’s too hard
– I’ve been pigeon-holed or black-balled
– I’m too old, young, experienced, inexperienced, loud, soft, fat, thin (oh, you get the irony right?)
– I don’t have the money
And so on and so forth. None of this is the truth. The real truth is:
1) You haven’t tapped into your heart and declared out loud your truth: What you really want to be doing with your days. And if you are one of those people who swears you have no idea, we can help you, too. You need a solid plan with promises to figure it out. This is the only life you get (that we know of). 90,000 hours people; carpe diem already.
2) You haven’t made a plan that someone else knows about and can hold you to.
3) You haven’t employed a method of self-discipline that will help you silence the ever-prevalent voices of the “chicken” and “brat” in your mind that continue to get you off the hook from pursuing your dream.
On Thursday, Feb 9th at 8pm ET, I will show you how to tell the truth about what you really want and then find your courage and develop a plan to go for it. I’ll also teach you the 3-step method to realizing any dream you really mean and how to stick to a plan. Whether you’re interested in starting your own business, getting a new job or taking your career to the next level, this teleseminar will have you DEAL!
P.S.- Join me for Deal with Your Career, Thursday, Feb 9 at 8-9pm ET to start spending your 90,000 hours wisely. Use promo code: TDL10Job to save $10.