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VP of Training & Development at HGU | Senior Executive Life Coach

Danielle Tridenti

Danielle is a catalyst for soul discovery and she knows it in her bones. Her natural ability to inspire growth, her sense of humor, and her genuine devotion to personal development, support her mission as a coach, which is to empower people to connect from the heart, lighten up, tell the truth about what they want, and guide growth to live on purpose. Danielle particularly enjoys helping clients make friends with their dark side, transforming wounds into wisdom, and making difficult conversations a fun challenge.

Danielle has experienced first-hand the power of The Handel Method®. Coaching has profoundly impacted her life. “I’ve gone from being a cold, disconnected liar to being warm, vulnerable, and bravely telling the truth about myself to clean up my messes, heal my relationships with family and friends, and build the personal integrity required to live my dreams, including becoming a coach and sharing the brilliance of this method with others. I’ve learned that the percentage of truth we tell, is the percentage of power, and integrity we have. And this method delivers.”

In addition to being a staff coach, Danielle is the sole owner and lead instructor at Sanctuary Yoga Studio in St. Louis, MO since 2009. Danielle holds certifications for over 1500 hours of yoga teacher training and has been teaching public, private and corporate classes, as well as leading workshops and retreats since 2001. She offers yoga as practice of connection and a way of authentic living.