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Dark Gives Way to Light

To all my writers who are not writing, my health nuts who are on the couch with chips and ice cream, to all my dancers who are not dancing or my sensual people who are not touching or being touched, it’s time to get moving. It’s time. It’s hot, you’re limber, there is space in your calendar (you had time to read this), things are slow. The world is in the mood for you to start giving your gifts again.
Ironically, in order to forgive yourself for being so absent and not sharing your gifts you have to admit to the darkness of it all. We all have a dark side and most of us are very busy hiding it, at great cost. We get tired and confused and frustrated so often because we are busy hiding what we don’t want to face, improve or rekindle. I promise it feels better to rekindle. It feels good to actually have a laugh at the absurdity of your dark side and weaken its power by shedding light on it playfully. It’s time to turn your fears into your greatest gifts. They are the sign that there is something that you want so very much. I will hold your hand, metaphorically, as you dare to reach for it.
All the mistakes you made, all the times you’ve failed and all the fears you have about failing in the future, they are pointing to the poignancy of this time, right now. You really do have a choice today. You really could start writing again today, or doodling, or drawing, or singing, or dancing, or having sex with your spouse. Even if you haven’t in a really long time! Take your fear as a sign to gun it, not to stall out. I dare you.
One brave Handel client, Shelley Apenson, recently rekindled her flame. She is a writer who wasn’t writing. I hate when that happens! Luckily, with the help of her coach, Zach, she picked the pen back up. Of course one of her first poems was Handel-inspired, so I’ll share it with you here. Please read it as many times as you need to, so you can take it in fully.

The Truth
I think that I might be an angel in disguise
A quick change artist mingling with the unaware
So convincing, even I don’t recognize
The truth beneath the many scars I bear.
I’ve worn them proudly, thinking I’ve survived it all
Reality is “victim” stamped upon my brow-
Sometimes they can look the same, too close to call,
But I know, and the truth is what I offer now.
I think I might be strong beneath the weak façade
In truth, I could be other than I am
If I had chosen other than the path I trod
If I had chosen once- to give a damn
I think I might be beautiful beneath the wreck
That I have built so carelessly around my soul
My choices hanging heavy now around my neck
Will be the catalysts that make me whole.
I think I am a woman of integrity
Although I took the longest road to bring me here
I am not the coward that I used to be-

The most courageous hearts are born from fear. Without fear, you wouldn’t be proud of your courage. You wouldn’t get the enormous high of swinging out and going for it, even though you’re scared. Let’s all say thank you to fear today and make sure to face one, for the sheer poetry of it. Please feel free to post poetry or breakthroughs based on facing your fears here on the blog or send me experiences or art you might like me to use in future blogs to make my points 🙂
For more on fear join the teleseminar I am co-leading with Mastin Kipp, founder of TheDailyLove.com, on August 25, 8:30-9:30pm ET, entitled “Fear, Let’s Face It.” (You can register and get the recording if you cannot attend live.)