Design Your Life, Design Your Bar Exam with Angie Robertson and Samara Anderson | Handel Group


10:00 AM ET
Saturday, June 5th
Led by Kimberly Cabot
Director of Sales, Senior Executive Life Coach

Join us for the free Design Your Life Mindful Bar Exam Prep Course!

Samara will teach a 1-hour theoretical overview of mindfulness, discussing aspects of neuroscience and the nervous system in response to stress. The experiential component of her training will provide you with the opportunity to activate both your stress reactions and your relaxation responses. Thus, through your own experiences you will learn why incorporating mindful practices into your bar exam prep can increase your overall exam success while decreasing the negative impacts of stress on your mind and body. Just 5 minutes of mindful practices each day can have a profound trajectory on how your day, and life, will unfold.

Angie will teach her Design Your Life: Design Your Bar Exam (and Beyond!) workshop, which will cover how to dream, have a vision and take the right actions to create the success you want in your life, both personally and professionally. In this workshop Angie will teach from The Handel Method, a coaching methodology taught in over 50 universities globally including MIT, Stanford Graduate School of Business and NYU. She’ll present a no-holds-barred, narrative-changing conversation and leave you inspired to create your action plan for your bar exam, and your life, to ensure its success…no matter what.

This course is taught by two mindful and accountable attorneys: Samara D. Anderson, Esq., who specializes in incorporating mindfulness and neuroscience into the practice of law to maximize productivity and effectiveness while decreasing the negative impacts of stress and Angie Robertson, Esq., who is a Senior Life Coach with Handel Group® and specializes in providing accountability to assist lawyers in designing and living the life of your legal dreams.