Design Your Life, Design Your Dream Body 2.0 with Esther Collinetti | Handel Group

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7:00 - 9:00 PM ET
Thursday, June 18th
Led by Angie Robertson
Senior Executive Life Coach
Join Senior Coach Angie Robertson and IRONMAN Certified Coach and Yoga & Cycle Instructor, Esther Collinetti for this interactive webinar: Design Your Life, Design Your Dream Body Part 2

Ready, set, GROW.

Given there’s no time like the present (and/or a pandemic!) to dive deep, dig in, and put yourself on top of your to do (and be) list, join Angie and Esther for part two of their no-holds-barred, narrative-changing Design Your Dream Body webinar. Review how to dream big and get out of your dream’s way in this ever important area of your life (your health and body!) and lock into place what you learned with live coaching and giveaway workouts.

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