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Different Types of Lies We Tell

When was the last time you lied to someone because you didn’t want to hurt their feelings?

Join You Turn Podcast with Ashley Stahl for a conversation with Lauren Zander, a celebrity life coach, public speaker, and the co-founder and Chairwoman of The Handel Group, an executive life coaching company. Lauren shares the 7 different types of lies we are all telling ourselves and how valuable it is to break free from them.

Everyone tells a white lie, or decides to omit details from a story, but have you ever taken the time to wonder how often this occurs during the day, and why you do it? Lauren breaks down the root of why we lie and offers actionable steps to move away from living a life of falsehood.

Lauren and Ash dive into how to own your truth with dignity, ways to get ahead of the truth, how deceit is deeply connected to imposter syndrome and so much more.

In this podcast, you will learn:

1. Why we lie on a daily basis.

2. The difference between manifesting and manifucking your life.

3. How to own your truth with dignity.

4. Ways to release professionalism to be yourself at work.