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Do Gooders Deserve Money Too

I’ve been working with a lot of yogis and people in the helping professions lately and I’m dismayed. It’s such a bummer that some of you do gooders think that money is dirty, tainted or just hard to come by, because I want more do gooders to have more money. When idealists have money, they can deploy it to good, consciousness-raising activities and investments. The world gets better. I do believe money is energy and it magnetizes according to our beliefs and vibrations. Besides an unjust system, part of why the rich get richer is because they BELIEVE they will, and act accordingly. So how can I convince you that you will too and get YOU to act accordingly? Here are some steps:
Step 1: Change Your Mind
Right now, list 10 good reasons why you should have more money or why do-gooders should have more money. Here, I will start you off:
1) Everyone deserves to be well taken care of.
2) You’d use it wisely to help others, not just yourself.
3) You’d use it to eat healthfully, see the world and learn and grow more.
4) You’d just be so much more relaxed, and that’s good for the kids, spouse, dog, etc.
5) You need to last given the work you do; a little more money would really help you take great care of yourself.
Please stop thinking money is bad or hard. Stop being afraid to count up where you are and admit where you want to be. Stop thinking you can’t get paid to help the world, or you can’t get paid doing something you love.
Step 2: Find Your Role Models
Don’t tell me you’ve never met a yogi or a healer who makes a decent living or who has started an effective business. More and more people are doing it. That’s because we really are a global community now. And we really are in the Age of Aquarius, during which the planet will shift in consciousness dangit. Start looking around for models of how people succeed in making money at doing what they love, not all the evidence to the contrary. Ask them how they did it. Make your own little rule book of the do’s and don’ts you learn from the experts and then . . .
Step 3: Make Your Plan
Sorry, no amount of chanting, ohming, praying or even manifesting will make this dream come true all by itself (though it can help!). You require alignment between the heart, head and the body! In the absence of a plan, much energy is wasted and worry so easily takes the helm. People underestimate the power of writing down “the number” and the plan for how they could get there. I say “could” because I actually ask my clients to come up with several ways they could meet a goal. First of all, it helps with Step 1 (changing your mind) and secondly it forces you to think of many new ideas, resources and actions you could take in accordance with your dream for having money/business success.
Step 4: Keep Track, Keep Promises
Don’t let that mind wander! Here is where those spiritual practices of steady mindfulness come in handy. You have to adhere to your plan of action, daily. Handel offers a wonderful method of promises and consequences. If you haven’t tried it, you are missing out on the thrill of success. Even if you can’t afford a coach (ask about our low cost coaches in training) find someone you can make promises to about what you’ll do about your money or business. It is amazing how much more likely you will be to keep your promise to someone else, versus yourself. Sad really. But true. Know and use this knowledge.
Step 5: Dare to Do Business
Many of you are dying to work for yourselves but you just don’t know the first thing about it. Educate yourself. There is no need to quit your day job today or take insane risks right now. You really can start with what you know and love best. Maybe it’s a restorative yoga class, or yoga for bikers, or blogging about the healing powers of food and herbs. Start somewhere so you can start gaining experience and learning. I know my “brat voice” automatically says: I don’t want to have to learn something new.” And the “chicken” follows it up with “That sounds so risky. What if it doesn’t work?” Then the brat chimes back in with “When will you fit that in?” You too? That’s why I DARE you to just start, before the end of the year. Start some small aspect of your new or old business, because the truth is, you and I both love new endeavors. They make us feel alive. We love learning and growing. They are the most fun activities around, and you even want the whole world in on it. So let’s lead the way.
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Love, Laurie