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Enjoy Laughing AT Us

It’s time for a little levity. I love comedy!
The comedian, Jeff Foxworthy, of Blue Collar Comedy fame, is known for his “You might be a redneck if . . . ” bit. Well, I liked that format so much (though please don’t hold his stereotyping against me) that I decided to do a Handel version of this and asked the coaches to submit the funniest of their “brat” and “chicken” voices in action.
Just to remind you, or fill you in if you are new, the Handel Method® is all about getting you to your dreams, even if sometimes it means being ruthless with the current voices in your head. The “chicken” and the “brat” are the most predominant voices you will hear once you start dreaming big and contemplating telling the truth in your life. The “brat” is the voice in your head that says all versions of: “I don’t wanna!” The “brat” is also very skilled at coming up with legitimized reasons to support your “I don’t wanna” moments in life. (Think 6am workout versus snooze button.) The “chicken” voice says: “I’m scared!” This voice, seemingly sweet and innocent, is also as clever as a fox in finding evidence to fuel your fear of a particular situation or person. (Think avoiding confessing your cheating or lying and telling yourself you are saving someone’s feelings.) The thing to remember is these voices only SEEM true, but actually they are momentary, misleading and detrimental to your dreams. At Handel, we think they’re hilarious in their efforts to substantiate themselves. If we don’t laugh, how can we defeat them?
I hope you enjoy laughing at us as much as we do!
You Might Be a Brat if:
* you think it’s your spouse’s/roommate’s job to make YOU happy
* you think the other person should apologize first, every time
* you think you deserve a raise for showing up to work
* you think cleaning up is your spouse’s job
* you think buying things makes you feel better
* you keep “wanting” to go to the gym first thing, but every morning you hit snooze!
* you promised to not eat ice cream, but then do it anyway because of a “special occasion” and then complain that your dryer has, once again, shrunk your jeans
* you think time waits for you
* you think your employees should be able to read your mind
* you think going for a colonic counts as losing weight
* you think people should just know your faults and cut you some slack
* you use tears to win an argument
* you use the word “deserve” to win you one more dessert or sleeping in when you shouldn’t
* you tell yourself “normal” people eat XYZ food all the time and you should too, even though you always feel horrible after
* you won’t wear comfy shoes, even though your feet hurt
* you pass on sex the next time your husband asks you, even though just last night it was actually great, fun and took only a few minutes of your time
* you declare your diet, nutritionist, coach, etc. asinine when the dessert menu comes
You Might Be a Chicken if:
* you never think it’s the right weather for a tough conversation
* you think wearing your heart on your sleeve is a terrible idea
* you don’t think you look “right” enough to go to the gym
* you think sharing your real feelings with your boss is “not appropriate”
* you think sex is awkward (or gross)
* you keep pretending you don’t care about your sex life
* you convince yourself dating sucks and that there are predators online so you can stay home and watch TV
* you don’t tell your date what you really think, but you expect him/her to be honest
* you let your date think you want another date, but you don’t
* you let your date think you don’t want another date, but you do
* you’re afraid of your step-daughter
* you think repeating “It’s just not the right time” is strategic brilliance
* your version of “deeply sharing” is telling what you had for lunch
* you are certain what someone else will say, so you don’t have to ask
I won’t attach names to submissions but thanks go out to Coaches Beth, Will, Lee, Samantha, Juliana, Marnie and Coaches-in-Training Vanessa, Kerri, Jessica and Mary.
Please write in if you want to add one or just admit some of these describe you. Get it off your chest and get back to designing your life consciously and beating down the chicken and the brat!
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Love, Laurie
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