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Finally, Your Dream Body

I want you to understand that I used to think that you had to have dessert with every lunch and dinner. I used to think muffins were a healthy breakfast. I used to think that eggplant parmesan was a healthy lunch. I used to think a meal wasn’t complete without a starch or two. And I used to think, at 5’3″ and 140 pounds, “my body just is this way.” I also thought, “Hmmm, my body looks like everyone else’s in my family.” But did it occur to me that was maybe because they taught me how to eat?! No. Why? Well, I really liked my eggplant parmesan, that’s why.

My coach had to be the one to teach me a new lifestyle, and she did. I had to try out whole new theories about eating, and then, yes, a new culture around food. This culture was more about life than food: life without processed carbs, life tasting my food and caring about the flavor more than feeling full and life appreciating fruits and vegetables in their natural forms. Conscious living was a philosophy that hadn’t occurred to me food-wise. It was a spiritual (and of course physical) awakening for me. I got so many benefits from my new philosophy: dropping weight (22 pounds), looking better, feeling better, increased desire for sex, increased ability and desire to exercise, increased confidence, increased pride at choosing my thoughts, and on and on.

I am so grateful that my coach had the audacity to ask me to consider a new way of thinking and acting. She took my hand and showed me healthy marinades, made me taste my food and made me go the best exercise classes ever. I now happily and easily maintain my weight below 118 pounds (except on vacation) and I love my food (still!).

Love, Laurie