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Get Excited About the Upside

For years, I worked 12-hour days in a cluttered, dark, ugly, poorly organized home office.

I said I didn’t care and I really believed it. And, I wish I could tell you that it was my own genius or courage that caused me to care (or fine, to actually clean), but it wasn’t. It was a combination of luck and pressure. A dear friend with incredible taste and tons of design experience owed me money. Brilliantly, it was she who suggested helping me redecorate in lieu of that money. She, more than I, knew I needed her help more than the money.

I had no idea what this “redecoration” would entail, but I put myself in her hands. Several days of clutter clearing lifted an enormous weight. Interestingly, I didn’t know I even had clutter until she had me face and decide on every object in my office. I resisted, I sneezed (yes, there was plenty of dust too), I panicked, I cried. Almost everything except my computer, phone and a few files had to go. Sure it was scary, but it was also the most freeing feeling imaginable.

How do you create anything new without a clean slate? How can you tell what you care about, want, or feel if there is no room? Together, she and I created what is now a total oasis, the place  in my home I love to be in most  because it is beautiful, elegant and well organized. Not only have my peace of mind and productivity increased, but my belief in what is possible for myself and others has increased as well. It’s remarkable to me how much the power of such a simple act of physical integrity has impacted my life so broadly.


I bet you too are living in some form of clutter, whether it’s physical, mental or emotional. And, you don’t even realize the toll, how easy it could be to change it, and how great the upside will be. That’s what we’re here to convince you.

Why do I feel so strongly? Because I am so very grateful to the coaches in my own life that, at some point or other, showed me the following tolls (or five!) I was jumping:

I was ignoring the toll my unhealthy eating habits were taking.
I was ignoring the toll of living in a two room apartment.
I was ignoring the toll of not sleep training my baby.
I was ignoring the toll of disregarding my husband.
I was ignoring the toll of being in a job I didn’t love.

In all these cases, I knew enough to hire a coach and she helped me feel the toll, believe that change was very DO-able and get excited about the upside.  The result each time: the most miraculous achievements and gifts of my life.

I believe your fear is what is stopping you from GETTING DONE what you know you should for yourself.

Maybe you are avoiding:
•    Writing that article or book
•    Losing the weight
•    Dating like you mean it
•    Rekindling a relationship
•    Repairing a broken relationship
•    Revamping your resume and dreaming up a new career path
•    Quitting an addiction
•    Organizing an event or fundraiser
•    Recording your family history
•    Mastering a new skill or hobby
•    Putting your house on the market
•    Cleaning out your house/Clutter clearing/Selling stuff you don’t need

Maybe you’ve even told or sneakily sold yourself the excuse that it doesn’t matter or you don’t care or if you REALLY cared, you’d have done it already. But, I am here to be the friend my friend was to me and help you ignore that voice and ask yourself, “If I believed this was easy, would I want it?” and, “Why would I want this?”  Shift the tide by thinking about what you do want instead of ignoring it. And, start believing it’s possible. I wouldn’t tell you this if I hadn’t experienced it first hand for myself and the thousands of people we coach.

For a moment, just imagine what it would be like to tackle your most-avoided area, and to get the thing accomplished that you always wished you would. All you have to lose are the negative voices in your head.

We dare you.