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Getting Off The Couch and Leading The Way


I’m back at it about health. Maybe it’s the Springtime inspiring me. And I see some of you working on the areas of body and health more than ever. Ain’t it grand? Doesn’t it just shift everything when you start an exercise routine? Don’t you feel better about yourself on EVERY single level? Or when you start to make healthier choices with food, when you resist temptation, isn’t that such a powerful experience? I am not talking about being a control freak, but consciously choosing to nourish your body in accordance with your highest ideals. This is one of our favorite ways to teach people the tools of Personal Integrity® development. We teach it by putting folks on a food and exercise plan. Seems simple, but it’s also deep. If you are still reading, you are probably in one of three groups, and I have a different pep talk for each of you.

Group 1: Still on the couch?
Stop feeling bad! It is getting you nowhere. A trend is afoot; it’s sweeping the nation and you do not want to be left behind. Whatever the past held is no longer true. Things have changed: it’s now possible to go for a hike, a jog, run after your children, do jumping jacks or yoga class on your computer. Under the weather- so what? Too busy- so what? Too tired- so what? I am a business owner and mother of two; every inch of my day is booked, but that includes at least 20 minutes of exercise every day, usually more. You can do it too. Do you have a lunch hour? Come on, it only takes 20 minutes to eat, at the most! You should be bringing your lunch anyway and eating it over a meeting or while checking email or even while doing nothing but relaxing. But oh, that other 40 minutes, that’s for your exercise!

This morning my husband and I literally ran our daughter to her bus stop. She walks slowly, so we ran around her in circles. The other parents thought we were nuts, but secretly I knew they were jealous because we were getting our exercise and endorphin rush in before 8am! We don’t even drink coffee.

Exercising and eating less white stuff and sugar will make you feel better: less tired, less busy, less annoyed, less hopeless, less helpless, less hungry even, RIGHT AWAY! Are you inspired yet?

If not, leave me a comment with your “excuse,” so I can debunk it.

Group 2: Got off the couch and now need to step it up?
This Spring, take on getting a friend to join in. Spread what you know. This is truly a worldwide health crisis; not just how unhealthy and slothful we are physically, but how lame we get mentally and emotionally when we don’t take care of our bodies.

And as for you, keep raising the bar. Most of us fear doing this because we like to avoid discomfort and failure at any cost. But as my favorite fitness instructor, Patricia Moreno likes to say, we are going for failure! If you don’t push beyond where you normally stop to where you MUST stop (fail), you’ll never know how far you can go. My only caveat: if your friends say you are too thin and your mom is worried, get a professional opinion.

Group 3: Leading the Health Revolution?
Hear ye! Hear ye! I am recruiting fitness and health professionals to lead the health revolution for our planet and it begins with you. If you don’t learn to inspire people en masse, what good is all your health information? In order to inspire people, you’re going to have to:

– walk your talk
– be accessible
– tell your story
– be imperfect
– tell the truth
– face your fears

Don’t worry if these don’t come naturally to you. You can learn them.

Here’s the formula:

1) Get right with yourself. Make a list of your hypocrisies. Where are you saying one thing, but acting the opposite? Where are you selling out on an ideal? Cop to it and make a promise to change.

2) Tell on yourself good and bad. That promise to change won’t likely get kept if you aren’t accountable. How perfect that you belong in front of people you can account to every day: your students! Bring them on the journey.

3) Be with your students, but also one step ahead. Know that you and your students are equal. You are not less than or greater than they are, but you have been chosen to lead. They chose you and they are waiting for you to rise to the occasion and give them something to think about and feel about. Make sure you have a mentor or coach who has accomplished what you want to accomplish, so that you are also “one step ahead,” ready to guide those who are following.

4) Accept that fear will always be part of your journey. I can personally vouch that Patricia feels afraid frequently. For many classes, she has shouted call and response affirmations and received no response. Her talks about the mind body connection have been met with blank stares. Thank goodness she didn’t let it stop her. Don’t let quizzical looks, or the thought of potential quizzical looks, stop you. Please!

I hope you kept reading regardless of the category you are in. Everyone needs that extra push to be great. I would have never really “gone for it” in my life if someone (thanks coach Lauren) hadn’t pushed me. I hope my push gets you off the couch, out for a salad and bravely facing a group that smartly follows you.


P.S.- No matter what group you’re in, we have coaching to keep you inspired and at your best! For fitness and health pros, we have a new, one-hour teleseminar Pumping Up Your Health or Fitness Career on May 23.