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Getting Over Myself

Testimonial for Design Your Life™ Online by Andrea King. Launching soon!

I came to The Handel Method during what should have been the “happily ever after” portion of my life. I had done heaps of the “right” things and there were genuinely good people, places and things in my life. I wondered why then, when my list of achievements and belongings appeared complete, was I dissatisfied?

The opportunity for the self study program, Design Your Life™ Online, arose and I took it.

Early on in the program, I began to notice the degree to which I had given control of my own mind to parts of me that had absolutely zero intentional training, discipline or connection to my true desires. I realized that a serious restructure of my mental management team (my head) was possible and in order—starting with a visit from the owner of the company: my heart.

I put in some serious work and watched my internal questions shift from “what’s wrong with me?” to “how big am I willing to dream?” I learned how to understand my fears in new ways and to face them honestly, without drama. I learned how to lighten the heck up and have a sense of humor about my thoughts and behavior.  I gathered the courage to confess a few things to my husband that I had been carrying around inside for years, blocking me from receiving the gift of his friendship and love. I realized that rather than take action myself, I had been waiting for someone else to grab the reins.

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I began to notice the freedom I had been looking for everywhere.

For anyone lying there in the pit of self despair, this program is a reminder that those waters are only knee deep.  All we ever need to do is stand up and walk away. The Handel Method is a straightforward, organized way for people to reclaim their lives and themselves. It is exactly what I had been looking for—a ladder tall enough to finally climb over myself!

Andrea King
Pediatric Occupational Therapist, wife and mother