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Laurie Gerber, Head Coach at HG and avid debunker of humanity’s duh-mb theories, welcomes one of her favorite shiny, sparkly, inspiring entrepreneurs to Facebook Live. It’s her dear friend, Carmen Marshall, who teaches her clients how to create success that stems from their soul.

Oh, just that…

Have a seat and read on.  And, by all means, don’t do something else while reading this, as it turns out, Carmen is not a big believer of multi-tasking. And, yee-ha, no longer is Laurie Gerber, thanks to a conversation she had with Carmen years ago. Proof positive that even coaches need coaches, something the two will address here.

Here’s an excerpt from their lively FB Live:

Laurie:  Hello, everybody. Welcome to this Facebook Live, the Debunking Your Theories series. Today, we’re going to talk about debunking your theories about needing a coach. I’d say about 30-50% of the people who come to coaching come to break up with something. Whether it’s their day job or their current trajectory, they want to start something new. But, for many, it’s so scary. 

So, today we’re going to help you debunk those fears.

Carmen Marshall is a very old friend, fan, and partner of Handel Group. We go way back and that is because she is a shiny, sparkly ray of light, and one of those people who I would say epitomizes living the life of your dreams, in terms of where you live, how you live, how you make your money, and how you do your life. So, I think you’re a great inspiration to people. 

Carmen: Thank you for that great introduction. I think what I’ve always appreciated about Laurie is that she asks the best questions! She really gets under the hood of everything, which is what life coaching is all about.

So, SOUL CRAFT, my business, essentially looks at your business, your money and then, your lifestyle. So everything in your life from your health, to your relationships, to your purpose. I’m all about having it all in balance and not sacrificing your integrity or your values. How can you live a life that you really want to live in your own terms.

Laurie: Yeah, I love that about you. Sometimes people have a great talk but they don’t necessarily walk their talk…that’s not you. You are the epitome of living your dream life.

So one reason why I wanted to have you back on Facebook Live is because I was intrigued by something you wrote about…you parse out why people should have a coach. And I had never heard it put this particular way. Can you succinctly summarize how you laid out why a person should have a coach? What are the circumstances and why?

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Why does someone need a coach? 

Carmen: Yeah, absolutely. So I think there’s three main reasons you would want to get a coach. 

1. Your coach is your champion.

Number one, a coach is good at championing you, listening and just being there to hold space. That’s important in today’s world. Having someone to say, “I believe in you,” or even just hear our ideas. It’s not fair to put that all in our partner, so it’s really good to have a coach for that.

2. To change something about yourself. 

Then, secondly, I think it’s really good to have a coach if you’re looking to change something specifically about yourself. That’s why I found Handel Group. It was back in about 2011, when I first moved to California. I wanted to figure out how to speak my truth because I’d recently gotten divorced and one of the reasons we got divorced is I couldn’t speak my truth. And I knew that if I wanted to have a good relationship, I would have to figure that out. So I came across the Handel Group, hired a coach, and that’s what we really worked on.

3. To get unstuck. 

Reason three, you’re stuck: you think that you should be able to figure it out yourself, and in fact, you may be trying to, but you’re not getting the results that you want. 

It happened to me. I’m 48 now, so my body had started changing a couple of years ago and I was doing all this stuff to keep it from changing. I know a lot about eating and fitness because I’m a health coach as well, but nothing was moving. And then we went on vacation with some friends of ours that are coaches, and incredible in their own right, and I did some coaching with them and I had immediate shifts in my body. So, if you’re not getting the results that you want, you probably need a coach, even if you think you should be able to figure it out, because I wasn’t able to figure it out for two years.

Laurie:  And when you look at someone like you who has everything going for them and can’t figure it out, you know it’s not a question of your intelligence, your caliber, your work ethic.

Carmen: Yeah. It’s especially apparent if you are trying, but you’re still not getting the results. And I still didn’t realize it until I got these coaches just by accident because they’re my two closest friends. I was like, “Duh.” Obviously there’s something I don’t know or there’s something I’m not doing correctly. And it was both eating and fitness, two things that I think I know a lot about. So it was my blind spot.

Those are just three reasons (of the many we could come up with!) why a coach can help you up-level your life! Even coaches need coaches! Luckily, you can never unlearn the Handel Method. Got questions? We always have someone available to answer your questions. Schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation to learn more about our coaching options!