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Specialized Seminars

Customized and compelling.

Our Specialized Seminars are designed to shift you and your team’s perspective, create an inspired and unified vision, and drive the results you want. Learn more about the topics we have developed & delivered to past & current clients and how we tailor programs to fit your company’s specific needs and intentions.

Enhancing success

Our Enhancing Success Program is designed to propel projects, processes and new endeavors. Through a customized program, we shift you and your team’s perspective, create a clear, inspired and unified vision and drive the results you want.

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Empowering Women

In this eye-opening, high-impact workshop we will teach you how to design the life you want and get into the right actions to forward all of your dreams. You will learn how to overcome negative thoughts, discover what’s been keeping you from the career of your dreams, and gain the confidence you need to fully step up and be a hero in your own life. You will leave the workshop inspired with a new perspective on the future and concrete tools to take your career to new heights.

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Power Of Your Personality

To fully impact its results, a company must wholeheartedly and honestly understand its makeup. With compassion and a shared goal of team and success, we guide participants to explore their personality traits, beliefs and theories that have lead to both the certain successes and possible failures of the company. We enable people to, with ease and even a sense of humor, tell the truth about their tendencies, see their accountability and design an alternate way of being in order to create the extraordinary results each and everyone of them desires.

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Personal Integrity® And Accountability Model Overview

This seminar trains participants in one of our core principles, Personal Integrity, and lands each participant in being 100% accountable for their results. Participants will design intended outcomes, complete exercises that will allow them to not only see who they have been being in the past in connection to their results, but to create a new inspired and productive context moving forward in which to see themselves, their own leadership and others. The path to achieve the success they deeply desire becomes clear, specific and attainable.

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Communication and Hard Conversations

Often, our most important relationships are the most riddled with complexity, and the most significant and vital conversations are often the ones most avoided. This workshop trains participants in having effective, clear, direct, candid and compassionate conversations. We address the preconceptions and misconceptions that often sabotage successful communication. We teach participants how to have any difficult conversation with grace and ease. Yes, any. Participants gain a new level of confidence, clarity and accountability in dealing with both everyday and high stakes communications.

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Accountability : Being the Author

This session trains its participants to be responsible for the very results they desire. Participants become clear of and deal head on with their self-limiting and company-limiting thoughts and learn how to instead author and spearhead their dreams. They emerge from this workshop more self aware, reignited with their desires, and wholly accountable for producing the exact results they want to achieve.

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Leadership Development Program:
High Potentials: The Future of the Company

The Leadership Development Program is designed to develop a team of emerging executives evolve into remarkable business leaders at the right time. The program’s goal is to identify and mitigate any counterproductive behaviors, while liberating and enhancing these developing leaders’ innate gifts in order to pioneer remarkable and unexpected results.

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Relationship Resolution
Managing Conflict: Executive Relationship Resolution

Let’s face it: sometimes executives don’t get along. Politics, gossip, and cover-ups in a company can monopolize time, hamstring capacity, waste organizational resources, and impact results. Our Relationship Resolution Program offers a unique set of tools to address personal relationships in corporations and help guide not only resolution, but alignment.

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